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Legendary Michael Jordan and the journey to overcome the first temptations of life to reach the top of glory


After his fan-waveing debut through the first two episodes of “The Last Dance,” there were never-before-seen stories of his ascent from a player at North Crolina University to a league legend. Michael Jordan’s NBA game.

Among the countless stories conveyed in the two episodes, fans have even more reasons to love Michael Jordan, one of which is the way he refuses to participate in the all-night party filled with temptation.

On the first day of the season when he entered the NBA, Michael Jordan was able to witness with his own eyes the dark corner, the first temptations with a professional player. Photo: GettyImages.

In the 1984 season, Michael Jordan was selected by the Chicago Bulls team in the third round of the first round. Since then, the guy from the University of North Carolina has set foot in the most attractive tournament on the planet, where any fortune Every basketball player dreams of participating.

However, that moment is depicted in the film as a golden age of evils behind the scenes. Drugs and stimulants were always present in the parties of the players, and the Chicago Bulls were no exception at that time.

During the 1984-1985 pre-season, on a tour, Michael Jordan witnessed such a party from his teammates.

“This happened in a hotel, while I was trying to find my teammates,” Jordan recounts in the documentary “The Last Dance”.

The lifestyle of Michael Jordan and his teammates at that time was somewhat different. Photo: GettyImages.

“I stopped at a door and could hear someone inside saying ‘Shh, someone’s outside.’ Then I heard a deep voice say ‘Someone’?. I said ‘MJ’ , they opened the door for me thinking not to worry because I was just a rookie I walked in and the fact that the whole team was in there and there were so many things I hadn’t seen in my life, back then. I was too young,” Michael Jordan recalls.

When the door opened, everything in front of Michael Jordan was quite scary at that time, the image of his teammates smoking drugs, surrounded by women made the rookie have to find a way to escape. The thought in Michael Jordan’s mind at that time was fear that if the police suddenly appeared, he and many others in this place would be arrested.

“And from that moment on, I was almost different from everyone else,” Michael Jordan shared.

That difference somewhat separates him from the rest of his teammates. Photo: GettyImages.

In the next moments of the film, Michael Jordan’s healthy lifestyle is clearly shown through the sharing of a teammate of his time at the time. Through the story recounted, Michael Jordan at that time still lived as if he was in college.

Most of Michael Jordan’s day at that time was spent in basketball. Sometimes Michael Jordan also hangs out with his teammates, but he only plays cards, watches movies at home and drinks 7Up or orange juice, absolutely saying no to going to nightclubs.

“I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. I didn’t drink at that time. I just wanted to rest, wake up and practice football,” Michael Jordan added.

Michael Jordan spends all his time training and competing. Photo: GettyImages.

The above details have partly portrayed the personality of Michael Jordan in the first days in the NBA. Faced with temptations that he himself had never seen at the time, he overcame and kept his focus on basketball. It is the thought of “eating, sleeping, basketball” that has created a legend as it is today.

“The Last Dance” is a sports documentary about the journey of the legendary Michael Jordan and his teammates at the Chicago Bulls in the 1997-1998 season. At that time, the team won the “Triple” for the second time and was the 6th championship in Michael Jordan’s career. The series has 10 episodes and is shown 2 episodes per week, currently fans in Vietnam can watch this movie on Netflix system at 2pm every Monday.

Joining the league since 1984, Michael Jordan changed the entire history of the NBA in general and the Chicago Bulls in particular. During nearly 14 years playing for the Chicago Bulls, Jordan was a key factor in helping the United team win 6 championship titles in 1991-1993, 1996-1998.

Those are also six championship titles that Michael Jordan has in his nearly 19-year professional career, with two breaks in 1993 and 1999.

In 2009, Jordan entered the Hall of Fame after making great contributions to basketball during his illustrious career.

Michael Jordan is also the first person in the sports world to become a billionaire since 2015, according to Forbes. At the present time, the net worth of this basketball legend is estimated at 2.1 billion USD. Currently, Michael Jordan is also the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, one of 30 teams in the NBA.