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Hin Sam Wan, also known as Three Whale Rock

Hin Sam Wan, which means Three Whale Rock, is a 75 million-year-old rock formation jutting majestically out of the mountains. It earned its name because from the right perspective, it looks like a family of whales.

It’s very easy to dedicate an entire day to the Three Whale Rock. Visitors can choose from nine different routes to hike. On these hikes, you can find waterfalls, a wide variety of plant and animal life, and even a little bit of peace and quiet.


This was the least touched place. It’s in Phu Sing National park, so it’s about 1 hrs drive from Muang Bueng kan.

First stop is view point to inspire panoramic view of lower plain and if you come early at 5am in the morning , it’s spot for seeing sunrise among clouds. Nearby highlight Hin Sam Wan(3 whale shaped rocks) is on waking distance.

While here, stay for the sunset if you have the time. There’s nothing quite like watching the sun go down over Thailand from the back of a giant stone whale.

i’m sure you also want to go there.