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Kanye West’s wife was almost topless, hugging a pillow to cover her chest on the street

Kanye West and Bianca Censori left the hotel to go shopping on Wednesday morning. While Kanye wore a black outfit and covered his face, his wife appeared sexy in skin-colored leggings and a tiny top. She hugged a square pillow to cover her chest.

The 28-year-old Australian architect wore yellow accessories and nude shoes to match her outfit.

The shirt wrapped around her body was said to have been torn to shreds, leaving only a small piece.

Kanye West wrapped fabric around his head and wore black socks instead of shoes. This is the American rapper’s favorite style recently.

The night before, Kanye also covered up like a ninja and his young wife wore a nude outfit but still had sleeves. The rapper and his wife strolled to dinner.

According to an eyewitness revealed on Dailymail, Bianca hugged the purple pillow during dinner with her husband.

Kanye West and his wife went to Italy in early August. Here, the rapper’s wife received a lot of criticism for constantly wearing revealing clothes on the street. She often chooses tight, see-through outfits like being naked. Many people believe that Kanye West is manipulating his wife’s way of dressing, turning her ‘into an extreme version of Kim Kardashian (his ex-wife)’.

Kanye West also received criticism for wearing pants that were completely exposed while sitting on a boat sightseeing with his wife in Venice, Italy at the end of August.

Because of this offensive image, the American star was banned for life by the boat company in Venice.