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Sydel Curry Amazed at Disney Movie’s Earnings, Post Steph’s Sony Collaboration Hint

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has a lot of business up his sleeve. One of them is a film production. He co-founded Unanimous Media alongside Erick Peyton and produced several films since 2018. Moreover, heading into the fresh NBA season, Steph hinted at his next film project collaboration with Sony Pictures. On the other hand, 4x NBA Champion’s sister dropped a chaotic reaction to a popular Disney film via her social media.

A few months back, Steph’s film production house released the much-awaited documentary, Underrated. The documentary revolved around The Baby-faced Assassin’s journey from the college basketball team to the day where he unlocked the historical record of most 3s. Following the tremendous success of the documentary, Steph hinted at his next big project alongside Sony. Above all, Sydel’s recent social media regarding Sony’s confidant Disney has caught the attention of the NBA world.

Stephen Curry’s sister shares chaotic reaction to a Disney film


Sydel Curry and her husband, Damion Lee, recently introduced their second child, Daryn Alicia Lee, to the world via Instagram. The 28-year-old social media influencer often shares a lot of exciting and thoughtful information with her followers. Similarly, she recently shared a chaotic reaction to the $735.1 million grossing Disney film, Up.

Sydel Curry took her IG stories and shared a video of showing the film to her newborn. However, the movie time was interrupted by two visitors. Curry’s two dogs began to howl and bark, looking at the animated dogs on the screen. Along with the video, she wrote, “A peaceful Sunday showing Tookie “Up” for the first time turns into a madhouse cause our dogs want ALLLL the smoke to.”


Notably, Sydel referred to her family as ‘Tooks’ in one of the IG post, and Tookie could be her daughter’s nick name.

While Sydel attempted to have a peaceful movie time, her brother, Stephen Curry, dropped a new movie surprise.

Steph’s upcoming film project A few days ago, Stephen Curry took to his IG, and shared pictures from his recent meeting at the Sony office. The pictures featured Steph and his co-producer Erick Peyton having an intense discussion with the Sony officials in a conference room.


Moreover, the superstar also tagged Netflix on the post and he clarified that he is not making a Spiderman film. The caption read, “Quick trip to LA. We got something in the works with some amazing partners. (and no, it’s not Spider-Verse!)