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Exploring the Enigma: Unraveling the Mystery of Underwater UFO Bases in Alaska

The triangle in Alaska is known for its deep waters, with the Gulf of Alaska reaching depths of 26,000 feet. Some speculate that this could make it a perfect hiding place for a secret underwater alien base.



Over the past four decades, there have been reports of underwater UFO activity, with these unidentified objects staying submerged for extended periods and evading detection by the Navy. Faux researcher Johnny Enoch claims to have evidence of extraterrestrial bases underwater, citing the vast untapped coastline and numerous lakes in Alaska as ideal locations.

Compelling evidence of UFOs using the waters of the Alaska triangle comes from US servicemen themselves. In 1969, Dan Willis, a Naval Communications operator, reported a UFO incident where a glowing elliptical object emerged from the ocean and shot into space at high speeds. This incident was classified under the Espionage Act, preventing servicemen from making UFO sightings public.

Although the incident report was never released, Dan continued to question the nature of what he witnessed. Subsequent research uncovered additional reports of UFOs emerging from the ocean near Alaska, including a sighting in 1945 by the crew of the US De La Roth, who observed a large circular object circling their ship before taking off. These reports share similarities of objects emerging from the ocean and moving at incredible speeds. Some believe these encounters could be evidence of an underwater alien base in Alaska, but the reason for their attraction to these waters remains unknown.