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Ancient Jade stones found by locals in Mexico, depciting an ancient alien contact

A cave with some fantastic carvings was discovered in a forest in Veracruz. The jade stones, which are thought to depict friendly extraterrestrial contact, were the most impressive thing found in addition to these carvings. These carvings are extremely detailed, depicting some very thin ????odies with large heads and eyes (as a normal Grey Alien would appear), a UFO, and a Mayan leader. The Alien and the Mayan leader are exchanging o????jects, as we can see from the carvings.

The image of these gray alien figures ????uickly went viral after journalist Javier Lopez Diaz shared it on his Twitter account. These sculpted figures, according to Javier, represent a genuine and friendly connection ????etween an ancient population and aliens. These extraterrestrial ????eings are thought to have ????een the source of the Aztec and Mayan populations.

The shapes of the carved jade stones were found to ????e perfectly authentic after a thorough examination ????y experts. In addition to all of the a????ove, a series of paintings depicting similar moments in which humans and aliens made friendly contact were discovered. Scientists deciphered the title “The Stones of the First Meeting” on jade stones, and it appears to mean “The Stones of the First Meeting.”

It’s fantastic that extraterrestrial space shuttles were also captured, in addition to the alien figurines and people painted in the same painting.