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NBA star LeBron James was spotted taking care of his feet in Beverly Hills in preparation for the upcoming season

Before returning to the National Basketball Association on Tuesday, LeBron James went to Beverly Hills to get a pedicure, but that didn’t help him win any games.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, who has been out for two weeks with back and knee pain, didn’t want to risk his team’s game against the Phoenix Suns, so he made sure his legs allowed He moves around the floor in top shape.

This athlete, who is called King James, appears to be in excellent health and he also wears brightly colored clothes. To prepare for the pampering session, he donned a pair of gorgeous Nike sneakers and a bright orange t-shirt.

NBA superstar LeBron James knows the importance of self-care and foot care to achieve peak athletic performance. The Los Angeles Lakers star was recently spotted giving himself a pedicure at a nail salon in Beverly Hills, prepping his feet before hitting the court again.

A source told reporters: “LeBron took good care of his feet today. “He got a luxurious pedicure with a warm foot bath, callus removal and a deep tissue massage. For his nail polish, he chose a clear coat to keep his toes protected looks healthy.”

As the NBA season begins again, a pedicure could be both therapeutic and practical for James’ return. Especially after many months off work, smooth high heels and neatly trimmed nails will help him avoid foot problems when wearing new sneakers.

James credits self-care as the key to longevity during his 19-season career. Massage, cryotherapy and other recovery methods keep his body looking youthful at age 37.

The four-time NBA champion modeled how even the greatest players must supplement grueling workouts with rest, relaxation and care. From chest tattoos, to wine baths and now pedicures, James completely pampers you.

“It’s refreshing to see someone like LeBron take his pedicures as seriously as he takes his workouts,” said one salon employee. “He understands how taking care of your feet is essential for any athlete.”

So while wins and championships may depend on James’ on-court strength and skill, ensuring his legs stay healthy will give him that crucial advantage.