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Rican Da Menace & Khaotic Get Heated On Live Before Physical Altercation


It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a weekend without any drama from the cast members of Love & Hip Hop. It almost seemed as though they chose peace this week, but on Sunday (September 10), 38-year-old Khaotic got in a fight with 22-year-old Rican Da Menace on Instagram Live that unfortunately turned violent. While riding in a car together and streaming, things were interrupted when the reality star’s phone began ringing.

Upon returning to the video session with fans, Rican’s attitude had obviously changed. “Why didn’t you answer?” the young rap diva asked her friend. It seems as though someone saved under “Papa John’s” gave him a ring, leading her to raise her eyebrow at Khaotic. “That’s my cousin,” he insisted, though the blonde wasn’t buying it. “You be acting weird, bruh. That’s why I can’t be dealing with no light skin chicks, bruh,” the L&HH star told his phone as the “Uh Ohhh” artist got out of the car.

Rican Da Menace and Khaotic’s Fight Caught on Camera

In the video above, Rican stomps over to the driver’s side where she pulls Khaotic to the ground and begins beating on him. Concerned bystanders not only recorded the incident but also rushed toward the scene of the brawl to figure out what was happening. “If he did this to her, it would be an outrage. Domestic violence goes both ways,” one person pointed out in @theneighborhoodtalk’s comments. “Man this joint feel a little staged,” another user speculated.

Besides chastising the recording artists for putting their hands on each other for all of their followers to see, people are also leaving comments expressing confusion about Khaotic’s relationship status. Previously he seemed to be spending time with Erica Banks following her split from Finnese2tymes, but obviously, he’s also got time to spend with Rican too. Read what the “Buss It” hitmaker had to say about Khaotic at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.