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Steph and Ayesha Curry Mix Up Training With Desert Dunes Sweat Session

Steph Curry and Ayesha conquered some workouts in the desert dunes


Austin Reaves claims that LeBron James required the Los Angeles Lakers to hold a minicamp, and that “100%” of the team showed up. Furthermore, Anthony Davis’s revival may have been a decisive factor.

In an episode of “The Lowe Post” podcast from September 25, Reaves praised AD’s shooting. I’ve been trying to encourage him to shoot more often. Because if he does it at a high level, which he can because he shot the ball really effectively during his bubble year, you literally cannot guard him.

According to Basketball Reference, Davis shot 32.3% of his shots from 3-to-10 feet last season, a career best. His overall proportion of long-range attempts suffered as a result.

Davis’s career-high two-point shooting percentage of 58.9 just about eclipsed it.Nonetheless, Davis was once a three-level scorer, averaging 33.3% from his final season with the New Orleans Pelicans in 2017-18 through his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019-20, during which he helped the team win their 17th championship.

He dropped from 2.8 attempts per game to 1.3 this past season, but his 25.7% three-point shooting from last year, 18.6% from 2021-22, and 26% from 2020-21 is impressive.

“I think he’ll shoot the ball a lot better this year, and I think he’ll take a lot more attempts,” Reaves said. AD is not a self-centered person. That’s what he really cares about: winning. If someone else is successful, it’s not like he’s rushing to the bench to complain about touches and stuff like that on the nights where he scored in the mid-teens. That’s not important to him at all. He’s only in it for the glory.

Davis’s generosity is a strength. But it’s a factor that might prevent the Lakers from reaching their full potential.

In part because the Lakers require a new leader as James aged.

“I’m expecting Anthony Davis to win MVP in these next two years or so, real ,” Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett said on “Ticket & The TrutҺ” on Showtime Basketball on August 14. A certainty for next year if not this one.

If he’s on the court and in good shape, Davis is the only player the Lakers can bank on to be a rock-solid defender.For the defense, “he’s the best defensive player I’ve ever played with,” Reaves proclaimed. If you know he’s coming back, you can be much more аggressive, especially in the postseason. The shot will be impacted even if he doesn’t block it.

With his improved ability to score from deep, Davis has a chance to live up to the hype surrounding him this year.