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Boosie Badazz’s Daughter Says She Wishes He Stayed On Death Row: “I Rather Have A Dad That’s Trappin’”

Boosie Badazz’s daughter had more to say about her father following their online spat. The Louisiana rapper’s daughter, Tori, responded to Boosie Badazz’s diss song that he released on his new album, Going Thru Some Thangs. However, both Boosie and Tori escalated their issues online. Tori claimed Boosie was an absent father while the rapper stated that he threatened to black her eye in an attempt to instill fear into her. Evidently, Boosie’s parenting tactics failed and the tension only grew stronger the more he engaged online.

In the midst of Boosie Badazz accusing the brother of Tori’s mom of child molestation, she stated that she wished the state left him on death row. “Should’ve stayed on there. That’s how I’m feeling and I don’t take it back,” she said. She took it a step further after facing pushback by her followers. “I ain’t no yes man to nobody and that’s what y’all expect me to do be a yes man to that n****a because he my daddy? Well, not even my daddy because he my sperm donor,” she added.

Boosie’s Daughter Accuses Him Of Snitching 


As things heated up, she blatantly called out Boosie for being an informant, claiming that he is in cahoots with the Baton Rouge Police Department. “You a rat. Who calls the people, BRPD – ohh, y’all love BRPR in BR. That’s why I’m glad I don’t stay out there no more,” she said. Tori added that Boosie’s previously gotten people locked in up in the city while frequently preaching against snitching and cooperating during his interviews.

Tori: I Rather Have A Dad That’s Trappin’


At another point in Instagram Live, Tori took issue with the fact that she’s the daughter of a famous person. In fact, she said she would prefer if she had a father who was actively in the streets. “Y’all want me to have loyalty to a n***a that don’t have loyalty to me,” she said. Tori added that she’s never liked having a father who is famous. “I never said that I wanted a regular dad but I said I rather have a dad that’s trappin’ or something,” Tori continued. “I’m thankful but it’s annoying.”