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The 17m long fossilized dragon corpse was “deep asleep” in the swamp. When he got closer to 1 meter, he began to notice something unusual, causing everyone to run away.

The 17m long fossilized dragon corpse was “deep asleep” in the swamp. When he got closer to 1 meter, he began to notice something unusual, causing everyone to run away.

Discovering a fossilized dragon corpse lying in the swamp made everyone extremely confused about the existence of this mysterious species.

Accordingly, a young man accidentally once passed through a small village in Pengshan district, Sichuan province, China when he accidentally discovered a pile of jagged rocks, looking very scary. When he got closer, he was extremely surprised to see an object lying in a circle sleeping in the swamp.

The long fossilized dragon corpse lies circled in the swamp, making everyone who sees it startled.

Many Chinese people have flocked to this area to observe this strange animal with their own eyes. Most think that it can only be a mysterious creature, or some legendary fossilized monster. Many people speculate that this is an ancient stone dragon statue, because its shape is quite similar to the images of dragons often depicted in Chinese legends and movies.

Soon after, experts were sent here to research the origin of this strange ‘animal’. Experts measured that this “stone dragon” was more than 17 meters long and 0.6 to 0.8 meters thick. Geological experts said that this is just a stone dragon statue delicately carved like a real dragon in legends. The formation of the “stone dragon” was about hundreds of years ago.

However, when we got closer, we realized that this was a stone dragon statue delicately carved exactly like the dragon in the legend.

According to local people, this is a historical site that has long been abandoned. In addition to “dragon hibernation”, there are also frequent phenomena such as “swallowing clouds and releasing dew” that look extremely magical. In particular, the “stone dragon” is no different from the image of a dragon in Chinese culture, so people think that the Chinese dragon prototype probably came from here.

The reason why the “animal” is preserved so amazingly well is the extremely sophisticated carving technique. Perhaps a big flood washed away the mud, causing the “stone dragon” statue to gradually reveal itself. The above ideal preservation conditions have kept the statue intact, alive like a dragon curled up sleeping.

The special “stone dragon” statue has great significance in the study of ancient Chinese culture and history.

Mr. Peng Shanwen, director of Wu Tianwen relic site, said: “This is a rare type of “stone dragon”. It has a perfect shape, delicate and skillful carving by ancient craftsmen. This is the most realistic visual image to help scientists study culture in history.”

It is known that the “stone dragon” statue is currently being dredged and renovated. It is expected that in the next 3 months, the entire construction process will be completed and make a great contribution to the long-standing historical and cultural research in China.

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