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Looking back at the 10 best things Michael Jordan did after “The Last Dance”


1. After retiring, Michael searched for Jordan to return to the NBA again with the Washington Wizards and with less success

In the documentary The Last Dance, Michael Jordan shared during his playing days that he wanted to retire in glory, which he later did after the 1998 NBA championship.

However, MJ went against his word when he couldn’t deny the charm of the orange ball. After 3 seasons away from the NBA, search Jordan has re-appeared with the Washington Wizards.

Despite his age, Michael Jordan still played 142 matches and averaged more than 21 points per game. He even appeared in two All-Star Games.

2. Away from his career, but Michael search Jordan still develops search Jordan Brand

Jordan’s popularity in the 1990s catapulted basketball into a global sport. Along with that, the search brand Air Jordan also took off. In 1997, search Jordan Brand was separated from Nike to become a separate brand.

Although Michael Jordan has retired, the popularity of the search Air Jordan shoes has not decreased. On the contrary, they gradually became shoe models that went beyond the basketball court and entered the street fashion segment as a “hot” accessory.

Especially with Michael, he passed the fire on to a younger generation of players like Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul or more recently, Russell Westbrook, Jayson Tatum and Zion Williamson… Any name chosen to join the search Jordan Brand, they are all people with special personalities, contributing to expanding the coverage of search Jordan shoes worldwide.

By December 2019, search Jordan Brand reached a new milestone when it had the first quarter in history to reach $ 1 billion in sales.

3. Michael search Jordan is cool but an unimpressive team leader

Before officially retiring, Jordan became the technical director of Washington Wizards.

However, this time in office did not go well for MJ as he was the one who picked Kwame Brown in the first round at the 2001 NBA Draft.

Unfortunately, Brown is considered one of the most “spray” names in Draft history, which always haunts Michael Jordan to this day.

After leaving his chair at the Washington Wizards, Jordan re-emerged in 2010 as the principal owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, the forerunner of today’s Charlotte Hornets.

4. Michael Jordan led his son to NCAA Division I

Michael Jordan’s eldest son Jeffrey Jordan played two seasons for the University of Illinois before transferring to Central Florida to play three more seasons.

However, it is also the only impressive basketball achievement that Michael’s sons have. None of MJ’s children made it to the NBA and now, they are doing business or working in different areas in the US.

In a recent interview with ABC, two of MJ’s sons, Jeff and Marcus, confessed that they never beat Jordan in a 1-1 match.

5. MJ “gets into a flower car” twice. The last time was in 2013 when he was 50 years old

In September 1989, Michael Jordan married for the first time to Juanita Vanoy, with 3 children including 2 sons Jeffrey – Marcus and daughter Jasmine.

After many “broken mirrors heal”, the couple Jordan and Vanoy divorced in December 2006.

By Christmas 2011, Michael Jordan proposed to Yvette Prieto after years of dating before getting married in April 2013.

A year later, Yvette Prieto gave birth to Michael Jordan female twins Victoria and Ysabel.

6. Michael Jordan quietly leads Kobe Bryant, sharing an extremely close relationship

Michael Jordan’s tearful sharing at Kobe Bryant’s memorial showed how great his affection for his “brother” was.

Jordan recounted stories of Kobe texting him at 2 a.m. asking for advice. Even in parenting, Bryant wanted to hear from Michael Jordan.

“When Kobe Bryant passed away, a part of me died,” Michael Jordan remembers Kobe.

7. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009, the birthplace of the legendary “meme” of Michael Jordan

Contrary to Michael Jordan’s cold image in his competition, the speech at the Hall of Fame showed his human side, a person full of emotions and easily tears.

He shares many things, including good stories and provocative words, addressed to those who have doubted or looked down on him in the past.

However, the most memorable point at that ceremony was the image of Jordan in tears, which has become a “meme” used by netizens tens of millions of times over the years.

8. Michael Jordan received the Medal of Freedom from US President Barrack Obama

“Michael Jordan of a certain field… That’s how people talk about someone who is very good at what they do.”

This is the comment of US President Barack Obama as he prepares to award the Medal of Freedom to Michael Jordan, the highest honor in the civilian field.

“He is more than a logo, more than the godly memes on the internet. More than an active person in the field of charity and more than a boss who always stands with his colleagues in difficult times.

It was Michael Jordan. He is the Michael Jordan of greatness. He is the definition of someone who is very good at something that everyone has to admit. Rarely do we see someone like him!”

9. Officially become a billionaire

In 2014, Michael Jordan became the first player in NBA history to become a billionaire.

At that time, he was valued at $2.1 billion by Forbes and ranked 4th on the list of black billionaires, behind Robert Smith, David Stewart and Oprah Winfrey.

Becoming a billionaire in 2014, more than a decade after retiring shows how great Jordan’s ability to make money after his NBA career is.

10. Rich in money but also rich in love. Michael Jordan is a “super” philanthropist

Michael Jordan’s use of money isn’t just about golfing or gambling. During 14 years from 2001 to 2014, MJ maintained an annual charity golf tournament to target various charities.

In addition, the Jordan Brand brand also works with “Mr. Air” tirelessly in finding and sponsoring units to protect disadvantaged children, creating conditions for many homeless children to have the opportunity to live or have contact with education.

Not only that, millions of dollars each are still sent by Michael Jordan and family members to charity units, places experiencing natural disasters or epidemics…

Notably, Michael Jordan twice sent $ 5 million in turn to support victims of Hurricane Katrina and donated his entire salary of a season to the families of the victims of the 9/11 disaster.