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After 32 Years, Magic Johnson Still Smitten With His High School Sweetheart

Legendary NBA star Magic Johnson remains as in love with his wife Cookie as he was when they first met over 30 years ago in high school.

Johnson and Cookie began dating when they attended Everett High School in Michigan. Though they briefly broke up after high school, they reconnected shortly after and got married in 1991.

Now, over three decades later, Johnson still lights up when talking about his high school sweetheart turned life partner. He frequently posts loving tributes to Cookie on social media and credits her as his “number one motivator.”

In an interview last year, Johnson gushed about their relationship saying, “We’re best friends. She still loves me just like I love her, we respect each other, and we root for each other.”

The couple has shown resilience through difficult times including when Johnson abruptly retired in 1991 after testing HIV positive. Cookie stood firmly by his side then and continues to be his biggest supporter.

Johnson has said the key to their lifelong bond is friendship, acceptance, support, and gallons of laughter.

After over 32 years of marriage, the magic is still clearly alive for these childhood sweethearts. Their enduring love serves as inspiration that with commitment, friendship, and compassion, a high school romance can absolutely go the distance.

Cookie may have first stolen Magic’s heart back in Michigan, but it’s clear she still has it today. Their relationship shows the world that true love stories never get old.