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The Attire Worn by “CR7’s Partner” to Cheer Him On in a Match

The Attire Sported by “CR7’s Partner” to Support Him in a Game

Georgina Rodriguez underwent a significant transformation from her previous roles as a waitress and saleswoman at Gucci’s store to becoming Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner. She recently made headlines for the outfit she wore to support her boyfriend during a match.

Georgina Rodriguez shared that she did not dare to dress sexy when cheering for her fiance to compete.

Georgina Rodriguez was born in 1994. Argentine dancer and model became famous after becoming the woman of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Although they have lived together for a long time, the two just got engaged in 2020 and have not yet held a wedding ceremony.

Currently, Georgina Rodriguez has 34.1 million followers on Instagram. She received countless invitations to take photos and promote brands.

The happy home of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recently, the beauty also released a documentary called “I Am Georgina”. The film gives a more complete view of CR7’s “Cinderella”. The girl had to work many jobs such as waitress and salesperson until she became as famous as the characters in showbiz.

Among them, one of her shares attracted the public’s attention. Georgina Rodriguez said she was worried because her seductive dressing style every time she appeared in the stands could distract Cristiano Ronaldo while playing.

After dating Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez’s life changed a lot.

The sales staff advised her to get clothes that flatter her figure, but Georgina Rodriguez didn’t want that. If Cristiano Ronaldo is distracted on the field, “it’s my fault” – the beauty affirmed.

Georgina Rodriguez pursues a seductive image with items that perfectly flatter her curves such as bodycon dresses, gym clothes, etc. When cheering for CR7, people see that she tends to dress more discreetly with sportswear or jumpsuits but still can Show your physical advantages.

Here, Georgina Rodriguez wears skinny jeans combined with a V-neck shirt and a leather jacket combined with thigh boots.

Soccer shirts worn with jeans are considered the perfect outfit when cheering for soccer, bringing a youthful and dynamic image.

Georgina Rodriguez wears a discreet jumpsuit design when appearing on the stands like this. The outfit is elegant but still helps flatter your figure.

Sometimes netizens find pictures of Georgina Rodriguez wearing a low-neck tank top that shows off her bust when she goes to watch CR7 play.