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Messi set a new record when receiving his 8th Golden Ball, 3 sons joined his father’s anti-fan group

Not unexpected from experts, Messi was actually named for the Golden Ball title in 2023. The Argentine superstar shared a very long statement after setting an unprecedented record.
On the morning of October 31 (Vietnam time), Lionel Messi surpassed a series of excellent candidates to win the 2023 Golden Ball title. At the award ceremony, in addition to the noble title belonging to the 36-year-old player, Haaland also excellently brought home the Silver Ball, Mbappe won the Bronze Ball.


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What’s special is that it was Inter Miami Club President David Beckham who announced Messi’s name to win the top prize. This is a worthy title for the Argentine superstar after winning the 2022 World Cup, scoring 7 goals, including 2 goals in the final and winning the World Cup Golden Ball last year.

With this achievement, Messi officially created a new record with 8 wins in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019, 2021 and 2023; far ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo – who has 5 awards.

Not stopping there, the Inter Miami captain also set another record, winning the Golden Ball while no longer playing in Europe. Because in the history of this tournament, no player playing outside of Europe has ever won it, including “King of Soccer” Pele.

In addition, the Argentine superstar also set an unprecedented record in football history of winning the Golden Ball for 3 consecutive decades. Messi also won this award when playing for other clubs Inter Miami, Barca and PSG.

After being honored, Messi gave an emotional speech in front of millions of audiences around the world. “First of all, I want to thank those who voted and helped me win this award. I want to share it with my teammates, especially on the Argentina team. Some of them were also present with me today .

I want to thank my family, who are in Argentina, Miami and of course my wife and children who are with me today. They are also the people who have accompanied me throughout my career, going through the most difficult moments with me. Most of all, everyone has helped me accomplish all my goals in football. Without everyone, I couldn’t be in my current position,” the 36-year-old player confided.

Also in his speech, Messi mentioned the late legend Diego Maradona. Because October 30 is Maradona’s 63rd birthday and Messi did not forget to give the Golden Ball title to his senior. During his career, Maradona never owned the Golden Ball because at that time this award was only for players from Europe.

Messi added: “I had bad moments and did not play well in my career. However, I never gave up on football. I fought endlessly for my desire to win the Copa America and the World Cup.” with the Argentine team.

I am proud to have continuously tried my best in my career. I never stopped enjoying football. It’s something I love to do and always try my best. As long as I can still compete, I will continue.”

Notably, when everyone in the theater listened and congratulated El Pulga on winning the title, the camera lens suddenly caught the genuine expressions of the 36-year-old player’s three sons. While the oldest boy, Thiago, rested his chin in thought, listening to his father’s speech.

The 2nd Mateo – who was nicknamed “President of the Messi anti-fan association” by fans – yawned again and then lay limp and tilted on the chair. As for the youngest son, Ciro, he sat on his mother’s lap and lay down on the chair. Witnessing this series of expressions from the three boys, people could only exclaim: This is the real “Anti-fan”!

Ignoring his son’s expression, the cameraman also captured the moment Messi’s wife – Antonela looked at her husband with eyes full of happiness and pride. At that moment, seeing Messi’s father and son on stage receiving the beauty award, which was originally happy, is now even happier. She laughed when she saw her brother Mateo holding his father’s Golden Ball.

According to Daily Mail, Antonela shined at the 2023 Golden Ball awards ceremony wearing a noble black dress. She was also highly praised for her sophisticated makeup style, suitable for her outfit and event.

In many interviews, Messi has also admitted that his wife plays an important role in his success. The two started dating in 2006, when the Argentine superstar was still an unknown player. To date, the couple has 3 lovely children together and a perfect married life.