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Suarez: ‘I Was Ousted by Barca for My Close Friendship with Messi,’ Messi Guides Luis Suarez to Choose Gremio and Now Suarez Miami

Luis Suarez, a striker, doesn’t think that Barça’s leaders are trying to get rid of him this summer because of money or lack of experience.

“Barça has a lot of problems with my case,” Suarez told ESPN on October 9. “I’m ready to work out a deal with Barcelona about money to stay.” When it comes to work, I’ll be okay with leaving. But they didn’t make it clear why they pushed me away.

The Uruguayan star said, “I think they want to separate me from Lionel Messi.” I think they might be mad at me because I’m close to Messi. They don’t want me to have Messi for too long. I do not understand why that is bad for the team, though. That’s good for the team because we know each other too well on the field. They might want me to work with more partners. That’s all it could be. There’s no other reason I can think of.

Suarez won 13 titles, played in 283 games, scored 198 goals, and set up 109 others during his six years at Barcelona. He didn’t know, though, that he had to move to Atletico Madrid this summer because he wasn’t in the plans of new coach Ronald Koeman. A month ago, Messi asked to leave Barcelona early, but they did not agree. Suarez said, “They should respect Messi’s choice.” “He has done so much for Barcelona that it’s hard to imagine.” He should stay at the top and be happy, Messi. Messi might stay if Barcelona changes its leadership.



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Suarez wouldn’t shake hands or take pictures with President Josep Maria Bartomeu at Barcelona’s goodbye event. Bartomeu is said to have strong feelings against Messi. Suarez said, “The way Barcelona treated me hurt my whole family.” “They did something wrong. Ronald Koeman, the new coach, told me he didn’t need me. The leaders of Barcelona also said they would change the whole team, which made me question my future. It didn’t surprise me when Koeman called me and said he wanted me to leave. Because I knew it 10 days ago. He just told me what the news was telling me. Barça always wanted to get a scorer to get rid of me. But I’m the only one who can beat them. I know it’s time to go, but they should make it clear why.”

Luis Suarez spoke to the media on Wednesday after more than 60,000 Gremio fans filled the Brazilian club’s stadium in Porto Alegre to welcome him. The 35-year-old player signed a 2-year contract on a free transfer after his contract with Uruguayan club Nacional expired.

Referring to his decision to move to Gremio, Suarez said: “Friends are always there to help, advise and support my decisions. And that’s what happened with… friends.

I am no longer the same. But maybe, with a move 50 meters from the goal post, my teammates can benefit from me, because it’s a collective effort.”

It is known that Suarez had initial discussions with Gremio Club via phone while his family was at Messi’s house and it was his close friend’s advice that helped him make the decision to stick with the team. Brazil.

Gremio will be the eighth club in Suarez’s career, which also includes spells at Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid.

 During the launching ceremony of the new club Gremio, Suarez burst into tears before being welcomed by fans, the team’s board of directors as well as his new teammates.

Faced with the sincere love from the fans and the new team’s leadership for him, the former Liverpool and Barcelona striker affirmed that he will make efforts to help the southern Brazilian club soon regain its past glory. “I know Gremio has just been promoted, but we will soon return to our original position. I want to prove that I am still capable of playing for one of the top clubs in South America.”

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