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“Unveiling the Woman Behind Portugal’s Superstar: A Tale that Tugs at Your Heartstrings”

As she reached her twilight years, Dolores Aveiro appeared to have achieved everything an ordinary woman could dream of. However, her life is not only happy. Earlier this month, Mrs. Dolores suffered a stroke, causing the Ronaldo family to become very worried. At the age of 65, Cristiano Ronaldo’s great mother is battling with many health problems to be able to continue to be with the Portuguese superstar.

The lavish lifestyle of Mrs. Dolores is evident from an outsider’s perspective. She has a dutiful son who happens to be one of the richest and most talented footballers in the world, Ronaldo, who has gifted her four beautiful grandchildren.

Mrs. Dolores takes pride in the fact that Ronaldo still considers himself her little son. He often takes her on long trips in a private jet and buys her expensive gifts.

When Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009, he brought his mother along and bought her a £2 million apartment in the heart of Madrid. Every month, he also pays £4,800 for Mrs. Dolores and her friends to fly to Cape Verde to swim.

Ronaldo once bought his mother a car worth £100,000. A few years later, Mrs. Dolores was seen posing with another brand new car worth £250,000. In addition, there are branded items from the world’s leading fashion stores.

Last year, Dolores made public her battle with breast cancer, which she has fought against before in 2007. Just before her son Ronaldo’s 34th birthday, she confirmed that she underwent surgery in Madrid and radiation therapy. However, she suffered an ischemic stroke after recovering from the treatment. This type of stroke is common in elderly people and is caused by a blood clot that blocks the transmission of oxygen to the brain. Upon hearing the news, Ronaldo immediately returned to take care of his mother, who is currently stable and recovering well at the hospital. In 2009, Ronaldo donated £100,000 to the hospital where his mother was first treated for cancer. He expressed deep gratitude to the doctors and nurses who saved his mother’s life and knows the suffering that cancer patients and their families endure.

Ronaldo considers his mother, Maria Dolores, to be everything in his life. She grew up in an orphanage after her mother passed away, her father left her to marry someone else, and she faced many hardships including violence and cancer. She married Ronaldo’s father at the age of 18, and when she became pregnant with Ronaldo in 1985, she initially wanted to have an abortion but was refused by the doctor. Despite struggling with depression due to her low-income job as a chef and alcoholic husband, she decided to give birth to Ronaldo and raised him to become the success he is today.

Since the age of 18, Ronaldo revealed that Dolores has managed his money, and even interfered in his romantic relationships. His ex-girlfriend Nereida Gallardo claimed that Dolores always interfered in Ronaldo’s love affairs. Similarly, his later girlfriend Irina Shayk also faced interference from Dolores before George Rodriguez appeared and satisfied her. In 2010, Dolores welcomed Ronaldo’s eldest son at a private hospital in Florida while Ronaldo was fighting with the Portuguese team in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. In 2017, she also took care of Ronaldo’s twins, and when Georgina gave birth to their daughter Alana, Dolores supported her too.

Dolores spent her whole life taking care of her family, and without her sacrifices, Ronaldo would not have been able to achieve the success he has today.