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Priceless treasure discovered during Alexander the Great’s time

Silver coins and jewelry from the time Alexander the Great was in power were recently discovered in a cave in Israel.

The above valuable treasure was discovered by 3 members of the Israeli Cave Explorers Club.

This is an ancient coin with one side printed with a picture of Alexander the Great and the other side with a picture of Zeus sitting on the throne. Experts speculate that these ancient coins were minted in the 4th century BC.

Besides ancient coins, many precious jewelry were also discovered including: 4 bracelets, 3 rings, earrings… These jewelry seem to be made from silver and some small stones.

An oil lamp made from clay was also discovered along with some agate stones that may have been part of the necklace.

The agate stones are preserved quite well and are quite perfect.

A silver ring containing a few quartz crystals that appeared to have been created while inside the cave.