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Adorable Moments: Exclusive Photo Gallery of Ciro Messi, the Newest Addition to the M10 Family

Check out these incredibly cute photos of Ciro Messi, the latest addition to the M10 clan!


Ciro Messi has become quite the talk of the town as he joins his renowned father, Lionel Messi, in doing indoor workouts at home during this pаndemic when football tournaments have come to a halt. The youngest of Messi’s trio of children, Ciro Messi, is known for his playful and cute nature, with his endearing dimpled cheeks. He frequently visits the stadium with his brothers Thiago and Matteo Messi to watch their father play.

The unending happiness of the Messi family has always been a source of admiration for many fans. Messi himself often posts pictures of his role as a devoted father, taking his kids to school and spending quality time with them.

It remаins unclear whether Messi intends to have more children with his wife or if he plans to give her a break after Ciro’s arrival. Antonela Roccuzzo hopes for a complete and peaceful family, desiring to have a daughter in the future.

Check out these incredibly adorable photos of Ciro Messi below: