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Intense Moments in the Battle: Vinicius Challenges Dimitrievski with ‘Me, You, Outside! Let’s Go Outside!’

The Real Madrid forward and the Rayo goalkeeper had an argument during the match that was captured by the Movistar

Vinicius and Dimitrievski had their ups and downs during the match. The most intense moment between the two occurred in a play in which the Real Madrid forward collided with the Rayo goalkeeper in a match and he was left lying on the grass hurting from a blоw to his knee. The match had to be stopped for a few moments so that Dimitrievski could be treated by the Rayista team’s doctors.

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Once the game resumed, Vinicius approached Dimitrievski and said: “You and I, out; you and me, out.” Things didn’t get any worse and everything remained like a normal friction in a match of the intensity of the match between Real Madrid and Rayo Vallecano.

The goalkeeper downplayed what happened in the post-match press conference. “Vinicius is a great player. These are normal situations when the game is tense. It is normal for there to be friction, like the one between Bellingham and Pathé Ciss. They are part of the game.” , we should not give importance to that,” Dimitrievski concluded.