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Reacting to the Boston Celtics’ 117-94 blowout of the Toronto Raptors

The Boston Celtics secured their second consecutive win with a convincing victory over the Toronto Raptors at TD Garden on Saturday night, improving their record to 7-2 overall. The Celtics had a slow start but picked up the pace in the second half with their superior depth and talent. They shared the ball well, played strong defense, and made clear decisions throughout the game.

Kristaps Porzingis provided a spark for the team, contributing to their 60 points in the paint. The Celtics focused on sharing the ball with 30 assists and playing as a team, which boosted their energy on both ends of the court. They capitalized on the Raptors’ physicality and took advantage of their inside and outside scoring opportunities.

The Celtics displayed offensive balance, making it difficult for the Raptors to defend against their versatile attack.

Amina Smith, Eddie House, and Brian Scalabrine broke down what they saw in the win vs. Toronto on NBC Sports Boston’s Postgame Live; check it out above!