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Two Days Ago: Messi Signing Products for the New ICONS Collection

In a moment that delighted football and fashion enthusiasts alike, global icon Lionel Messi took part in the signing event for the highly anticipated new ICONS collection just two days ago. The renowned Argentine footballer, known for his incredible skills on the field, lent his signature to a range of products that are set to become coveted collector’s items.   Uống thứ này 1 viên/ ngày quan hệ tình dục sung mãn suốt đêm 285 74 249


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  Fans eagerly gathered to witness this special occasion, as Messi’s autograph added a touch of exclusivity to each item. From jerseys to sneakers and beyond, the new ICONS collection promises to capture the essence of Messi’s unparalleled talent and style, making it a must-have for admirers and collectors alike.