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Because of constant partying and drinking, Rick Ross was hospitalized for a heart and was in critical condition

Rick Ross underwent a significant transformation in his lifestyle following a health scаre in 2018, which he discussed in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. The 47-year-old rapper talked about the changes he made to improve his health after experiencing a heart аttаck.

“I had to make some big changes,” he admitted. “I still don’t sleep. I’m a partier. I’m gonna be that way until I Ԁie. I’ve tried taking things to help, but it’s useless. The medicine that I take now is for seizures and stuff like that. I partied hard.”

Ross revealed that one of his previous habits was drinking lean, which led to seizures. He spoke about the disorienting effects of seizures, saying, “When you have a seizure, you wake up six hours later like, ‘Where am I?’ I still don’t want to sleep. I lay down for two or three hours, but then I’ll get up. Six hours is good for me. An hour is a wonderful nap for me. If I lay down for an hour, I can get up and play a football game.”

Despite never having diabetes, Ross admitted to cutting out sodas from his diet. He also clarified that he is not using Ozempic, a diabetes Ԁrug popular among Hollywood celebrities for weight loss.

Ross reflected on his past eating habits, describing late-night feasts consisting of T-bоne steaks, Waffle House orders, and an array of dishes like spaghetti, lasagna, lamb chops, and garlic rolls. These indulgences, often in the middle of the night, contributed to his weight reaching 350 pounds. However, he asserted that he’s taking a different approach now, aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In March 2018, Ross was hospitalized for respiratory treatment related to pneumonia, which was initially reported to be “heart-related” due to heavy breathing. In a 2017 appearance on Dr. Oz, Ross discussed experiencing back-to-back seizures during a flight in 2011. He attributed these health issues to his rigorous work and partying routines.

In his recent interview with Rolling Stone, Rick Ross delved into these experiences, emphasizing the lifestyle changes he’s made to prioritize his health and well-being.