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Identical Twins and Their Supercar Companions

Some NBA superstars like flashy supercars and burly SUVs—take Donovan Mitchell, for example. Then there are others, such as Devin Booker, who like going for the classics—we got to see some of his sick wheels during the 2021 NBA Finals. As for Boston Celtics main man Jayson Tatum, he falls under the latter.

The Tatums were able to sneak in an Easter celebration before Game 1 of the playoffs.

Jayson Tatum wished everyone a “Happy Easter from me and my twin” Sunday morning, as Deuce Tatum showed off his highly advanced sense of style.

Many commented, including Dwyane Wade, who called it “Cleannnnnnnn,” Grant Williams, who said “Tough,” and Mark Wahlberg, who used several emojis to convey his point.

After a quick peek at his Instagram page, we saw recent photos of Tatum and his kid posing beside a black Ford Mustang. Apparently, this vintage pony is what the star forward got for his 23rd birthday last year. It’s also custom-built, with the initials JT embossed on the rear end of the cabin.

We’ve no idea what kind of tuning this ’Stang has gone through or even what kind of engine is under that hood, but that doesn’t really matter, because this car looks clean as heck.