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Ciara Can’t Contain Her Laughter When Asked About Co-Parenting With Future

Future is a great rapper and lyricist in his own right, with a calling card that many people bestowed upon him over the years. People call him a little toxic in his music, whether about past relationships or hedonistic new ones. No matter how you slice it, the Atlanta trap pioneer unabashedly puts his personal life on display in his art, and when it has to do with other famous celebrities, some interesting narratives develop. For example, his ex Ciara recently answered a question about co-parenting with him. Well, ‘answered’ is a strong word, as she just laughed the whole idea of that off.

Furthermore, the singer was speaking to Thembi of The Shade Room for an interview. “You’re awesome, Thembi,” were the only words that Ciara could muster to answer her question. Of course, this is kind of a brutal and uncompromising way to talk a lot of smack by saying very little. Still, we can’t know whether it’s warranted as simple outsiders to their dynamic. We wonder if Future will ever address this public conception on wax; after all, we know he’s not shy about airing out relationship drama.

Ciara Finds Co-Parenting With Future Hilarious

Just earlier this year, Hendrix took shots at Ciara’s current man, Russell Wilson, on Quavo’s “Turn Yo Clicc Up.” It was just a simple ‘F**k Russell,’ but the fact it’s so obvious made it a big topic of conversation. The couple are actually expecting a third child at the moment, and Future’s antics and history with the singer haven’t put a dent in their relationship. It’s not an easy bullet to dodge, though, considering how much reach his music and influence has.

Meanwhile, hopefully this co-parenting strain doesn’t take too much of a toll on either artist. Whether it’s from a focus perspective or from a caring one, all we can hope is that this laughter is from a place of acceptance. Still, it would be much better to see him actually support her in their lives more. With that in mind, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Future and Ciara.