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Finesse2tymes ditches two pregnant girlfriends, announces on Instagram that he is focusing on another girl

Finesse2tymes probably anticipated criticism before revealing to the public that he and his three girlfriends were in a polyamorous relationship. For several months, the unusual group persisted in their efforts in spite of their detractors. But when FNG Shugga—who appears to be a favorite of Finesse’s—disclosed that she is having a child with the “How to Act” hitmaker, the third woman abandoned the others. The soon-to-be father joyfully revealed earlier this fall that both of his partners were expecting shortly after he reduced the amount of time he spent with only two girlfriends. 

Many assumed that tensions in Finesse’s home would quickly escalate as word of the story spread online. It’s challenging enough to be around one lady whose body and hormones are continuously shifting. It sounds like a disаster waiting to happen to have two people living in one roof. The Southern star said on Instagram this past weekend that he’s content to be a single man, despite the fact that we don’t yet know the specifics of his relationship with his second pregnant lover.

Proud to Be a One-Woman Man, Finesse2tymes

The 31-year-old stated on Instagram Story, “I’m concentrating on @fng_shugga only,” accompanied with an explanation. “I have children; I no longer need two or three ladies. Finesse stated, “That’s not what’s up, and no, this isn’t about no baby mama.” “All my BMs know I take care [of] mine, here or not .” It appears that people will find something to make fun of the troubled entertainer no matter what she does. These days, they make fun of 2tymes for conceiving a lady and leaving her as a single mother.