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“Uncovering the Reasons Behind Ronaldo’s Status as the Greatest Footballer in History”

Ronaldo possesses an unbelievable physique that few players can compare to. After nearly 20 years of playing at the highest level, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved feats that most of his peers can only dream of. To date, the Portuguese superstar has won the Champions League five times, claimed the Ballon d’Or five times, and helped lead his national team to a historic victory in the 2016 Euro Cup. While the nickname “alien” was previously used for Brazil’s Ronaldo de Lima, it is equally fitting for Cristiano Ronaldo. Here are some reasons why Ronaldo has become a special player, or rather a superhero, in the world of soccer.

Ronaldo is a remarkable player in the world of football. His incredible physical abilities and endurance are undeniable. Throughout his career, the Portuguese superstar has been able to train and play at a high intensity on various stages without any significant injuries. Ronaldo’s astonishing physical strength has allowed him to become the youngest player in history to reach 1,000 official matches. He achieved this milestone at the age of 35 while playing for Juventus.

Speaking of Juventus, we cannot forget the legend surrounding Ronaldo. In 2018, when he underwent a medical check before joining the Italian club, doctors were completely surprised by his physical condition, as he was already 33 years old. The results of the medical examination showed that Ronaldo’s body resembled that of a 20-year-old athlete, meaning he was 13 years younger than his actual age. At that time, Ronaldo only had 50% body fat and 7% muscle in his body, which were impressive figures compared to young players on his team.

During his medical check-up at Juventus, Ronaldo showed his potential to maintain his peak performance. It is not uncommon for players to retire or play just for fun after reaching the age of 35. However, Ronaldo is different from these players. Despite being 38 years old, the Portuguese superstar still fights tirelessly. He now plays for Al Nassr FC in Saudi Arabia, which is a challenging destination for him. Furthermore, Ronaldo also participated in the prestigious Asian Champions League this season. In addition to his club career, Ronaldo remains an important member of Portugal’s national team and aims to participate in Euro 2024 and even the World Cup 2026. Since the beginning of 2023, Ronaldo has scored a total of 45 goals. According to statistics, Ronaldo is the third-highest scoring male player this year, behind Erling Haaland and Harry Kane.

As of now, Ronaldo is among the top three goal scorers of 2023. His goal scoring record is unbelievable, having scored a total of 864 goals, which is a world record. Even legendary players like Messi or Pele fall behind him. What’s more impressive is that Ronaldo has only gotten better with age, having scored 401 goals since turning 30. In the history of football, only two players have scored over 400 goals after turning 30, Ronaldo and Romario. Ronaldo is now looking to reach the milestone of 900 goals, and if possible, even the incredible record of scoring 1,000 official goals.