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Proposed trade sends Boston Celtics playoff killer to the Cs from rival

The preeminent Boston Celtics playoff killer from the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals, Caleb Martin, would make his way to the Cs from blood rival Miami in a mock trade proposal from NBA Analysis Network. In return, the Heat would get reigning Sixth Man of the Year Malcolm Brogdon while also offloading the $57 million remaining on Duncan Robinson’s contract to Boston’s cap sheet. NBA Analysis Network’s James Piercey believes the Celtics would receive two valuable rotation additions in the deal.

“Martin is an especially valuable addition to this roster,” Piercey prefaced before saying, “In some respects, he can replace the recently departed Grant Williams. He can provide a similar 3-and-D skillset, with a little more shot creation to spare. He’ll find an instant role with this team and make them better.

“Realistically, Robinson should make this rotation as well. He’s a shooting specialist who’s otherwise limited, but he’d be arguably the best shooter on this roster. Finally, if Brogdon does have injury concerns, the Celtics may be happy to move off of his contract – even if moving him was never Plan A.”

Caleb Martin is the ideal Boston Celtics addition, but Duncan Robinson is not

With the salary cap rapidly rising, and Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kristaps Porzingis, and Derrick White all amassing over $100 million in salary cap by themselves, finding bargain bin players who could play a positionless brand of basketball is a major goal for the Boston Celtics.

Enter Martin. No player in the league possesses the kind of game-changing microwave-scoring at the price point Martin is at, and certainly, no one has done that on the kind of stage Martin did during the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals. Martin had 19.3 points and 6.4 rebounds over the seven-game series and was a legitimate series MVP candidate as he and Jimmy Butler went for 26 and 28, respectively, in Game 7.

Robinson, on the other hand, is not the kind of addition the Celtics front office should be targeting. But, if it means getting Martin, it’s a bitter pill that must be swallowed; especially since Robinson could turn out to be an actual contributor in the role Sam Hauser currently fills.