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PHOTO GALLERY: Ronaldo extends record, Portugal wins easily in EURO 2024 qualifiers

against the course of the night of January 17, the superstar who was born in 1985 scored a goal in Portugal’s 2-0 victory against Liechtenstein in Group J of the EURO qualifying tournament.

Even though they were going up against a team that was inferior in every way, coach Roberto Martinez still managed to put together a formidable team. Almost immediately after the opening whistle, the match that was being played at Rheinpark evolved into a last practice session for Cristiano Ronaldo and the other players working with him.

In the first twenty minutes of the match, Portugal made numerous attempts to score from a distance, but Liechtenstein’s defense was able to withstand them with relative ease. At the thirty minute mark, Goncalo Ramos was presented with a really lucrative chance.

With a sense of regret, the PSG attacker missed the target from a distance of less than six meters. The restricted area was also the location of two shots taken by Cristiano Ronaldo. In both cases, Benjamin Buchel, the goalkeeper, emerged victorious.

It was because to the collective defensive effort of the entire team that Liechtenstein was able to stay alive until the 46th minute. The goal that put Portugal ahead was scored by Ronaldo, who was able to escape from Diogo Jota’s through play and shoot from a close range. With the 128th goal of his career, CR7 broke his own record for scoring the most goals in the history of the national level. He now holds the record for setting the record.

The second goal scored by Portugal came in the 58th minute of the match. Even though the scenario did not appear to be particularly serious, goalie Buchel still decided to leave the field, only to be eliminated by Cancelo. Although Ronaldo made a request for the ball, the Barcelona player ended up scoring into the goal that was already empty.

The Portuguese defense adopted a more subjective approach as a result of the two-goal difference. At the sixty minute mark, Liechtenstein was presented with an unexpected opportunity to reduce the score. The fact that Jose Sa was the only player in front of Dennis Salanovic did not change the fact that he was unable to score at any point.

During the remaining minutes of the contest, Portugal scored two more goals in their own net. On the other hand, Joao Felix and Ramos were both dissatisfied when they witnessed the linesman raise the flag for offside.

The final score will be 2-0 in favor of the club that is playing away. In order to prepare for the final match of the EURO qualifying tournament, which will take place on November 21 against Iceland, Portugal will have a few days to recover. During the qualifying phase, the team that is being coached by Roberto Martinez is working on achieving a winning record.