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Snoop Dogg bought a million dollar mansion in Long Beach, California with a swimming pool and a classy music studio

Increasingly famous as “Doggfather,” Snoop Dogg just made an expensive move when he decided to buy a villa in Long Beach, California, for up to 8 million dollars. 

What’s special is that this house is not only a luxurious living space but also a work of art with a swimming pool and a modern recording studio.

Snoop Dogg’s new villa, hidden in a large campus, creates a wonderful picture of luxury and classy amenities. The swimming pool is located in the middle of a lush garden, creating an ideal relaxing space for Snoop Dogg and his family to relax after busy working days.

In addition, the villa is also equipped with a top-notch recording studio, which will certainly be the ideal destination for Snoop Dogg to express his musical creativity. The studio is equipped with top-notch audio equipment and a space designed with the personal style of this famous artist.