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ChefLove! Stephen Curry threw his sweetie a 10-year wedding anniversary celebration with Ayesha Curry ‎

There are moments of “broken love” among the dramas and climaxes of sports, too. Because they are consistently devoted to one another and encourage one another in their professional endeavors, Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s relationship is particularly recognized as one of the NBA’s emblems of love.

The Golden State Warriors player and his spouse recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Fans were enthralled by this couple’s tenderness and gentleness on their wedding anniversary once more.

Curry staged a covert little ceremony at their house to mimic the wedding. He even purchased a bridal gown for his spouse. Here, the couple exchanged vows and declarations of love once more. “Ryan and Canon led me to the ceremony, and my oldest daughter Riley presided over it,” Ayesha said beamingly.

Stephen Curry has previously proven himself to be a loving parent and psychological husband to his wife and supporters. In an effort to strengthen his family’s bonds, he frequently takes them on vacation and gives them heartfelt presents.

When Stephen and Ayesha were just 14 or 13 years old, they had their first date. A few years later, she pursued a Hollywood acting career, and they started dating. The NBA player proposed to his wife in 2011 when they were having their first kiss in his parents’ driveway. Soon afterward, they got married in the same church where they initially met.

Curry and his wife’s love is well embodied by the three angels, Riley, Canon, and Ryan. A decade is a long and definitely difficult journey. Fans saw them stand by each other repeatedly during that process, whether it was by holding hands on the red carpet or vociferously defending one another against criticism.

Given that the Curry couple enjoys a good home life in addition to a great career, it is not hyperbole to state that they lead the ideal existence. But in order to make that happen, they have both diligently nourished and fed this union from the beginning. Furthermore, the latest accomplishment is unmistakable evidence that they are teammates in addition to a couple.