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Discover Canon Curry, the charming son of Steph Curry, who shares a deep admiration for Klay Thompson.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors appears to be having a good time during the NBA offseason. With more than a month until the start of the Warriors season, Curry is spending quality time with his son, Canon.

In a recent Instagram video, Stephen Curry can be seen giving Canon some lessons on shooting the basketball on an outdoor court.

Throughout history, Stephen Curry is the person you’d want to learn how to shoot a basketball from. Curry is widely recognized as the greatest shooter in basketball history, and he owns the all-time record for three-pointers made, which he set against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden during the 2021-22 season.

Over the course of his outstanding career, Curry has won four titles, two MVPs, and one Finals MVP, which he won in 2022. Last year, the Warriors were a letdown by their lofty standards, falling in the second round to the Los Angeles Lakers.

In 2022-23, Curry, on the other hand, was unbeatable. Despite injury concerns and locker room discord, Curry put together one of the most efficient seasons of his career, and he was a huge reason Golden State made the playoffs in the first place.

Still, Curry and his colleagues will be aiming for a better season in 2023-24 than the one they had last year. The Warriors’ season begins on October 24 at the Chase Center against the Phoenix Suns.