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Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero are now working together, which is very exciting! What’s next for the Powerful Two?

Everyone in the football world knows that Lionel Messi and Sergio “Kun” Agüero are very close friends. Both have been on the Argentine national team at different times and have even played together on several occasions.



The former football player shared the news of Kun’s new deal with his friend Lionel Messi on social media. According to Agüero, Messi would join his team on the day he turned twelve years old.



“It’s a very strange feeling,” Kun said, sounding like he was trying to scare everyone by telling them bad news. “I need to tell you something important.” That’s all I’ve done. He laughed and said, “I no longer own ‘KRÜ’ because now there are two of us.”


Lionel Messi suddenly showed up in front of a computer, smiling and listening to music. Lionel Messi and Kun Agüero are now partners in the world of KRÜ.




According to the group, Sergio Agüero started the team a year ago. He takes his knowledge from professional sports to e-sports and digital media.