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Antonela Roccuzzo Gives Lionel Messi a Personalized Gift: Discover the Meaning Behind It

An Argentine artist was hired by the star’s wife to make a very special gift for her husband. 

Not long ago, the story of Gastón Grassi, an artist and businessman who was touched by Antonella Roccuzzo’s magic stick and told to give it to her husband, Lionel Messi, became public. The 23-year-old woman was thrilled to say that she had changed her life. What’s the story?


Gastón Grassi makes personalized mates and thermoses with his family. He talked about the time she asked him to make the Argentine star a personalized mate. “I woke up one morning like any other, and my life was different. My cousin sent me a message on WhatsApp, and I thought he was playing me.” I learned from him that Antonela Roccuzzo had written to us on Instagram. She said, “I couldn’t believe it, it was crazy.”



The present was a thermos with the name “Leo” on it, along with the shields of the National Team, Barcelona, Newell’s old team, PSG, the number 10, and the friend. On the thermos are the logos of Barcelona, Newell’s, AFA, and PSG. On the mate are Antonella’s name and the names of her three children. “She sent us the records with what he wanted, so that’s what we did,” the young man said. Following some time, Lionel Messi himself shared a picture of himself drinking mate at that gift. 


“She was nice enough to take a picture of us for Instagram. Our followers went up a lot, which is good because we have a lot of work to do.” As Grassi told the newspaper La Nación, “We’ve been with this family business for two years, but we’ve only had a location here in Salto for four months.”