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The Reality Behind the Rumor: Messi Accused of Cheating on Wife and Children, Allegedly Involved with a Female Reporter from His Country

There is no story of Messi having an affair with female reporter Sofia Martinez.

Recently, Brazilian newspaper Direto Do Miolo shocked everyone when they said that star Lionel Messi had cheated on his wife to have an affair with fellow journalist Sofia Martinez. This post then reached more than 9 million people and received tens of thousands of interactions.

In the past, Messi was interviewed by Sofia a number of times. Messi’s facial expression at that time was also brought back, as evidence that the Argentine superstar had special feelings for Sofia.


Messi and his wife and female reporter Sofia Martinez

However, Daniella Semaan – wife of former midfielder Cesc Fabregas – confirmed that there was no story of Messi having an affair. “That information has no value at all. They are completely wrong,” she wrote. Fabregas is a close friend of Messi. Therefore, Semaan has also met Messi and his wife many times, and has a good relationship with Antonela.


Messi and his wife and Fabregas and his wife attended the event together

Sport Brief page also shares the same opinion. “The above information is believed to be fake and used to defame Messi’s image. Many users also discovered that the source of information that Direto Do Miolo cited did not exist,” said Sport Brief .

In fact, this is not the first time Sofia has been rumored to be with Messi. In the past, similar information appeared when she conducted interviews with the Argentine superstar.

In a sharing in July, Sofia denied rumors of having a romantic relationship with Messi. She also affirmed that there was no way Antonela was jealous of her. “There is no such thing as Antonela being jealous. I don’t know where that information came from. On the contrary, I once talked to Antonela. I admire the way she handles the rumors surrounding her,” Sofia shared .

It is known that Antonela also interacted with Sofia’s post not long ago.


Sofia in an interview with Messi

Currently, Messi is spending time with his family after finishing the season with Inter Miami. On November 25, the whole family went to Disneyland together. Messi and his wife did not comment on rumors related to their personal life.