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Will Jaylen Brown develop into an effective playmaker for the Boston Celtics?


The question of Jaylen Brown‘s playmaking abilities with the Boston Celtics has long been a topic of discussion among fans of the team frustrated with watching the Georgia native turn the ball over or get stripped in traffic.

While Brown hasn’t consistently showcased strong playmaking skills, there are also plenty of moments where the Cal alum demonstrates considerable promise and a willingness to improve. The coaching staff is actively working with him to empower him in running the offense, particularly evident in situations when fellow All-NBA forward Jayson Tatum is off the court.

Brown’s recent performance against the Atlanta Hawks, where he effectively managed the offense throughout the contest, showed his potential in this role — but will he keep at it?

The hosts of the CLNS Media “Still Poddable” podcast recently took a deep dive into the development of Brown as a playmaker; check it out above!