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Why Stephen A. Smith Believes Klay Thompson Should Join the Lakers: “LeBron James Deserves a Brother”

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith has raised the possibility of a trade involving Klay Thompson and the Los Angeles Lakers. Smith suggests that a change of environment may be beneficial for the four-time champion who has been struggling with his offensive performance this season, recording his lowest averages since his rookie year. Thompson’s stats include 15.3 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 2.3 assists, with a shooting percentage of 40.4 from the field and 36.4 from three-point range. Smith believes that Thompson could thrive in LA alongside LeBron James, and he would be excited to see what the duo could accomplish together.

According to Smith, Klay Thompson’s recent performances may not appear as impressive as we know him to be, but he still possesses exceptional talent. Smith believes that the Los Angeles Lakers would be an ideal destination for Thompson, especially if he were to play alongside LeBron James. This, according to him, could reignite Thompson’s game and showcase his unique skills. The Lakers are actively looking for another star player this season, and Thompson could potentially be a trade option that contributes significantly to their roster. Thompson’s five-year, $190 million contract with the Golden State Warriors is due to expire this year.

The talks between Thompson and the Warriors regarding his contract have apparently been strained, which has fueled rumors of a possible trade. The Lakers are looking to strengthen their lineup and may consider Thompson’s abilities as a valuable addition to their championship ambitions. With his reputation as an outstanding shooter, Thompson has the potential to be the best LeBron James has ever played with, despite his current shooting percentage being below 40%. He has demonstrated an impressive career with a 41.5% accuracy rate from beyond the three-point line.

Throughout his career, Klay Thompson has maintained a consistent long-range proficiency, never dipping below the 40% mark. When compared to other notable shooters LeBron has played with, such as Ray Allen, Kyle Korver, JR Smith, and Kevin Love, Thompson’s unique skill set stands out. Despite his shooting struggles in the current season, there is a strong belief that he will rebound and maintain his reputation as a premier sharpshooter. Adding Thompson to the Lakers could bring an unparalleled shooting dimension and enhance their offensive capabilities. LeBron has experienced the benefits of having elite shooters around him, with Ray Allen being a notable example. However, Thompson’s accuracy, quick release, and scoring versatility make him stand out. Additionally, Thompson’s historical shooting consistency adds a layer of reliability that could greatly benefit the Lakers, who are in need of three-point specialists. Although the acquisition of Thompson may require a significant investment, it could be worthwhile given the ongoing negotiations with the Golden State Warriors. Furthermore, Thompson’s familial connection, with his father having played for the Lakers, adds an intriguing layer to the potential acquisition.