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Stephen Curry and Daughter Riley Enjoy Watch a Basketball Game Together – She Radiates Maturity and Beauty

Stephen Curry is engaging in a unique, one-on-one moment with his eldest child.

With his 10-and-a-half-year-old daughter Riley, the 34-year-old Golden State Warriors veteran accompanied his god sister Cameron Brink to Stanford University to witness the school’s women’s basketball team face the University of Southern California.

During the contest, Brink surpassed the team record for blocks in a season, a feat that was witnessed by the NBA pro and pre-teen.

Observing Riley during the game, admirers were astounded by how mature the teen appeared, adorned in a pink tie-dye hoodie and long tresses.

Ayesha Curry, the NBA star’s spouse, is the parent of two children: son Canon, age 4, and daughter Ryan, aged 7.

Stephen became sentimental in July when he posted the following on social media to commemorate Riley’s tenth birthday: “July 19, 2012.” Having witnessed your blossom for ten years has been the pinnacle. Stop developing so rapidly, kindly….”You are loved by all.”

Additionally, the proud father of three presented the 10-year-old with a pair of the newest footwear from his shoe line. While Riley was dining in the kitchen, Steph approached her and placed the shoebox on the counter.

“It is proper that… Curry 10s for a ten-year-old!! was the caption he added to the video. “Happy Birthday Riley “

Riley chuckled as she examined the footwear and remarked, “I was merely attempting to consume my tomato.” She was taken aback by the present.

The athlete, who has won the NBA four times, discussed his children with E! News during the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards in December. When asked whether his children are “as impressed” with him as “other people are,” the evening’s honoree, Curry, replied, “I wish I could say yes, but I believe that is likely for different reasons. I doubt they are overly concerned with the frequency with which the object enters the basket. The father of three further stated, “Having attended a few parades and the like, they take pleasure in the celebrations that accompany a championship.” But the greatest part is that you are just Dad when you’re at home.”