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BaƄy giʋes cute gestures after мeeting Lionel Messi

A video of Lionel Messi, the eight-time winner of the Ballon d’Or, sharing tender moments with a young infant girl, daughter of the PSG star Marquinhos has gone popular online. In the video, it could be seen that a woman was enjoying a fan moment with Messi when the Marquinhos’s child she was holding started staring intently at him.

Messi was also enjoying a wonderful moment with the child, who brought out the child in him. Lionel Messi was frequently observed interacting with his fans and the family of his teammates. He has always been regarded for his kindness and practical behavior. The video was greatly favored by the audience.

Brother of new Man Utd superstar Alejandro Garnacho hits out at Rio Ferdinand over ‘fake’ Lionel Messi claims

The brother of Alejandro Garnacho has completely denied claims that Lionel Messi unfollowed the Manchester United winger on Instagram.

Alejandro Garnacho hit the headlines over the weekend after scoring with a stunning overhead kick in the 3-0 Premier League win at Everton.

But United legend Rio Ferdinand recently joked that Messi took the action against his Argentina international teammate because the 19-year-old supposedly favours Cristiano Ronaldo as a player.

“My lad said to me Messi’s unfollowed him [Garnacho], he’s said Messi’s unfollowed him!” Ferdinand said.

“Because he comes out, doesn’t care, [and says] ‘I’m a Ronaldo man. Who’s the GOAT? Ronaldo’. When he’s in the Argentina squad.”

That clip of what Ferdinand said quickly went viral on social media, while certain sites misquoted the BT Sport pundit to make it look like Garnacho had actually made the statement himself.

But in a response to the video, Roberto Garnacho denied that his brother was ever followed by Messi on Instagram in the first place.

“Fake, Messi never followed him, stop making stuff up just to create hate, Garna loves and admires both of them and you all trying to creating a rivalry,” Roberto Garnacho wrote on X.

“I’ve even seen videos of Messi showing the World Cup to Garna, mate if u knew how we celebrated it at home.”

Roberto Garnacho added: “Wow, This isn’t even targeted to Rio specifically it was just the incorrect info on Garna’s name about this from many people in general, wanted to just make it clear!”

Ferdinand also responded to Roberto Garnacho, clearly stating: “Was sarcasm bro…”.