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Steрh Curry Gіves Amаzing Surрrise to Dіsabled Student

usatsi_22066432_168390179_lowres© Provided by Inside The Warriors

One month ago, a disabled student in Peoria, Arizona made an amazing half-court shot that went viral. Now, he’s getting a surprise from his favorite basketball player in the world – Steph Curry.

After Steph Curry heard the news about one of his favorite fans, T Ramirez, he decided to give him a special surprise – tickets to a Warriors vs Suns game, and a visit from Steph Curry himself. 

“You and your family are gonna get to go to the game but you’re gonna get to arrive early because there’s somebody that wants to meet you there. Do you know who that is? His name’s Steph Curry,” one staffer said at Ramirez’s school.

Moments like these are the reason why the game of basketball is so important. It’s not just a game of throwing a ball into a hoop, but something that can inspire someone to push further than they ever thought they were capable of. Something to give a person a reason to be proud of themselves, and to hopefully earn a living.

Steph Curry is one of the most inspiring players in NBA history because there’s no one else like him. There’s no one as accomplished, as good of a shooter, and at his size, too. There’s a reason why fans are drawn to Steph Curry, and he’s the perfect role model for them.