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Mаn аllegedly breаks іnto Steрh Curry’ѕ houѕe to get аn аutogrаph

A man was looking for an autograph, but Curry wasn’t home at the time. The intruder was charged with misdemeanor aggravated trespassing but didn’t show up in court. As such, an arrest warrant was issued.

Credit Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports – Scanpix

A man is being searched for allegedly breaking into Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry’s house.

The San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has issued a warrant to arrest a man who broke into Curry’s house in Atherton, California, to ask for the player’s autograph.

The man pressed the ‘Call’ and then ‘Ring’ buttons after arriving near the house at around 5:50 PM on October 15th. The gate opened, and he walked into the house after checking the unlocked front door, The Palo Alto Daily Post reports.

He was asked what he was doing there by the nanny, who later called the police after telling the man to leave. Curry was not at home at the time.

The man was identified as Sheng Gao. He did not show up after signing a citation promising to appear in court for one count of misdemeanor aggravated trespassing. The judge subsequently issued a $500 bench warrant.

Nothing was stolen or damaged on the property.