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Egypt’s SPHINX could be hiding ’SECRET CITY’ built by lost civilisation – Historians claim

Malcolm Hutton and Gerry Cannon believe the Sphinx which sits on the sands on the Giza Plateau in front of the Great Pyramids could be the gateway to a labyrinth of tunnels and passages and a whole “underground metropolis” that has been lost to the world due to a cover-up by the Egyptian authorities.

The historians explain in their forthcoming book The Giza Plateau Secrets and a Second Sphinx Revealed’ that news of this lost city first hit the headlines due to a Sunday Express article from March 1935 on excavations taking place of an underground city which at the time was said to date back 4,000 years.

The pair claim after that report nothing more about this city was heard.


Mr Cannon told “It was as if every living Egyptologist had lost interest in this wonderful underground metropolis, for all their articles during the ensuing years are centred more on tombs of queens and shafts that had been sunk deep into the ground to burial tombs.”

The historians believe a hole on the top of the head of the Sphinx could be an entrance to this lost city, along with other openings on the structure. 

However, they claim to have come up against a “rose granite block wall” from the Egyptian authorities.

Mr Cannon said: “There are things under there, tunnels. Lots of people have written about it but they try to cover it all up.



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“Nobody knows what’s under there, no one has been able to investigate.

“They’re frightened that if they find stuff under there, it’s going to blow all their books and all their history out of the window.

“They started to investigate it but then they stopped. So they must have known there’s stuff there but they’re worried.

“Once it’s proven that all their history is wrong, all their books they’ve written will be thrown out. If they’ve found stuff, they daren’t show it.

“There are entrances, there are photographs that show it. There’s this hole in the top of the Sphinx, on its head. 


“Why should it be there? It goes down about 8-10 feet and then it goes off into passages.

“They’ve never taken cameras down there – or they have and they don’t want to show it.”

In a further complication of the mystery surrounding the origin of the pyramids and Sphinx, the authors claim that the head of the Sphinx has been changed since it was first built and that while the body is made out of limestone the head is carved from a manmade substance.

Mr Cannon said: “It is obvious from the totally different construction material and colour of the Sphinx head, which we believe is not rock, but some type of manmade substance compared to its limestone and eroded body.


“The head and face of the Sphinx must have been changed from its original shape long after the monument was first carved. There is hardly any damage and no erosion on its head compared to its body.”

However, the Egyptian authorities say it is not possible to investigate the claims as they say the chambers are either blocked up or full of water.

The former minister of state for antiquities affairs Zahi Hawass has previously said there was nothing at all below the Sphinx.