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The Gambler’s Spirit: Michael Jordan’s 5 Million Dollar Loss and Unforgettable Bets

“You don’t have to be a sports savvy, you’ve certainly heard of Michael Jordan as well as know him,” is a familiar saying in TV shows when the NBA legend participates. .

Michael Jordan is a global superstar.

Michael Jordan is not only the hero of the Chicago Bulls, he is also the person who promotes the image of the NBA to the world. During the peak of his career, Michael Jordan was one of the most famous names in the sports world. That is not debatable.

The competitive nature, always putting winning first is one of the important factors that helped Michael Jordan have a great career and the recognition of fans around the world. However, the 57-year-old legend’s learning-worthy nature also brought him troubles off the field, most specifically the scandals related to gambling and betting.

Here are the craziest betting stories and one of these has made him look bad in the eyes of his fans.

During the tour with teammates, gambling and big bets are common if Michael Jordan is involved.

$100,000 for a game of rock-paper-scissors

Believe it or not, it’s one of the ways Michael Jordan uses money to bet. That may be a huge amount of money for many people, but for the six-time NBA champion, it’s nothing more than change.

The above share comes from one of Michael’s former teammates, Jay Williams. Although Williams only played 75 games for the Bulls before his car accident, at least Jay Williams was exposed and understood why people say Michael Jordan is a gambling addict.

Betting on golf with the notorious drug lord

Skipping the visit to the US President to go golf with the drug kingpin, it can only be Michael Jordan.

After the 1991 championship with the Chicago Bulls, as usual the winning team would be invited to the White House. However, Michael was absent at that time with the excuse of “spending time with family”… and then not long after, it was known that the 57-year-old legend went to golf with James Bouler, one of the tycoon notorious drug dealer in the US.

The case also became noisy after authorities discovered James Bouler was in possession of a personal check signed by Jordan for $57,000. During the 1992 trial, when called to testify, Michael Jordan first testified that it was a business loan. But after reading the oath, he admitted it was a payment after playing golf with James.

Appears in books because of debt of 1.25 million dollars

Whether on the basketball court or the golf course, Michael Jordan always shows his competitive spirit, so he bets.

Michael Jordan appeared in the book “Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction.. My Cry For Help”. .

This book then became the focus of great attention from fans. In it is revealed a series of issues about Michael Jordan’s passion for red and black. One of the notable details in it is that Michael owes Richard $ 1.25 million after 10 days of golfing. After that, everything was resolved and Richard received 300,000 USD.

Lost $5 million in one night in Las Vegas

5 million dollars evaporated overnight, looks like this is the real Michael Jordan.

In addition to his hobby of betting on games outside the ring, Michael Jordan is also a gambler with numbers. The largest amount of money he ever burned was said to be $5 million overnight in Las Vegas.

Michael Jordan’s startling achievement took place in 1997, when he was still playing for the Chicago Bulls. And the game that made him burn money so quickly was craps.

Those are the most typical stories that show the immense passion of the 6-time NBA Finals MVP. To explain this, Michael said it was because the competition in him was too high, making him want to win everything. Regardless, the whole game is worth just $1 per flight with teammates.