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Steрh Curry’ѕ Stаtus vѕ. Boѕton Celtіcs Reveаled

The Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics are facing off on Tuesday night in a 2022 NBA Finals rematch. It’s always exciting whenever these two teams face off, especially when they are both at or near full strength. While the Warriors will of course be without Draymond Green in this game due to his indefinite suspension from the NBA, they will have superstar point guard Steph Curry available.

Curry is coming off of his worst game of the season, and in one way his worst game in years. Not making a three-point basket for the first time since 2018, Curry snapped his legendary streak of consecutive games with a made three-pointer. While this was disappointing for Curry and his fans, the Warriors were still able to survive his off night and pick up a win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Warriors need every win they can get at this point in the season, as they are fighting an uphill battle in the Western Conference standings. These Celtics are a very tough test for any team, and will give the Warriors a real challenge on Tuesday night.

Curry seems to play well against Boston, dating back to the 2022 NBA Finals when he won his first career Finals MVP award. Looking to replicate some of what he did in that series, Curry has a chance to bounce back from his poor shooting game against Portland.