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Wаrriors’ Steрhen Curry hаs Shаquille O’Neаl сonsidering guаrd аs аll-time beѕt

Count NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal among those left mesmerized by the performance of Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry Tuesday night versus the Boston Celtics. Shaq even came to a point where he admitted that he is seriously considering Curry as the “best player of all time.”

Although Shaq seemed to have a different concept in terms of the best and greatest player, he was clear about his argument for the Warriors sharpshooter. For the former Los Angeles center, Curry’s consistently elite shooting through the years along with his personal and team accolades should be enough for him to be, at the very least, in the conversation for the best ever.

Debates about who is the best or greatest of all time in basketball are arguably the most divisive out there. Either it’s Michael Jordan or somebody else. Lakers forward LeBron James is often cited as the one closest to Jordan’s throne and many others believe that The King has already surpassed His Airness. Adding Stephen Curry to the mix will only add more heat to a discussion that seemingly never ends.

In any case, there is no denying that Curry put on a show at Chase Center in the Warriors’ 132-126 win over the Celtics. Curry went off for 33 points with six 3-pointers along with six assists and three rebounds in 38 minutes. It’s not just LeBron, who’s aging like fine wine in the NBA. At 35 years old, Curry still is an incredibly dangerous offensive powerhouse — as the Celtics got reminded the hard way.