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3 potential future Boston Celtics reunions that feel possible, and 2 that don’t

Al Horford’s return is the most prominent, but there’ve been returns of former players, and even former players as coaches. Stevens subscribes to friendly faces being invited back to familiar places.

When it comes to the future, another return feels almost inevitable. But who might be on the radar of the Celtics PBO? On the other side of that token, whose return is a pipedream at this point?

Another Boston Celtics return for Daniel Theis is always an option

Daniel Theis has been drafted by, traded by twice, and traded for once by the Boston Celtics, and his latest move was outbound to the Indiana Pacers for Malcolm Brogdon. With a club option for the 2024-25 season, it’s possible Theis could be a free agent in less than a year.

If nowhere else, Boston is a home for Theis given the willingness the team has had to feature him in the rotation when he’s in town. No sides seem likely to turn down a minimum deal, especially in the current cap climate.

While Theis has never been the true answer at center, he’s a top-level backup the Cs could find; especially considering the previous fit. Never say never when it comes to the German big and Boston.