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Lakers News: Blockbuster Director Hoping To Recruit LeBron James For Next Project

Former multi-time Academy Award-winning director Zack Snyder has revealed interest in recruiting LeBron James for his next project. 

Snyder’s project is titled Rebel Moon, with part 1, dubbed Rebel Moon – Part 1: A Child of Fire, having been released just a couple of weeks ago. 

Part 2, titled Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, which he intends to recruit James for, will be released in April 2024. 

The series of films involve a fictional galaxy ruled by the Motherworld, whose military, the Imperium, threatens a farming moon called Veldt. The main character, Kora, is a “long way away from her former life fighting for the Imperium, the brutal interstellar royal empire bent on controlling the galaxy.”

There isn’t much clarity as to what role James would play in the space opera film, but akin to Space Jam 2, he’d help generate significant publicity. 

With it also being released in April 2024, LeBron would have to film mid-season, which seems highly unlikely. 

The teaser for part 2 has also been released already, suggesting that if James were to receive a role, it’d be fairly ancillary as the storyline has already been built up for the most part. 

Perhaps acting and increasing his involvement in the entertainment space will be a post-retirement endeavor for James, but there’s next to no chance he appears in this film.