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Anthony Davis gets eye-opening Scottie Pippen take from Doc Rivers that will catch LeBron James’ attention

Anthony Davis gets eye-opening Scottie Pippen take from Doc Rivers that will catch LeBron James’ attention© Provided by ClutchPoints

Doc Rivers touched on a lot of topics during his interview on Showtime’s “KG Certified”, including Anthony Davis. Anthony Daivs and his talent relative to his play is often a polarizing discussion in the NBA community, specifically amongst Lakers fans. Many believe that Anthony Davis should be the number one option on the Lakers, taking a huge workload off of LeBron James.

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However many NBA fans and prognosticators, such as Rivers, think Anthony Davis should embrace being the Scottie Pippen to LeBron James’s Michael Jordan.

Rivers explained in the podcast interview, “I’ve been watching him. I look at AD (Davis) now, and I said, ‘AD is more Pippen.’ And we don’t understand that. AD won a national title scoring six points. He dominated defensively. Now he’s playing with a guy that is 1A, and he’s like, ‘You know what? I’m going to do what it takes. There are nights you want him to be more aggressive. But it has changed me a little bit on that, just watching him.”

Davis has shown flashes of offensive brilliance in his time with the Lakers. His 41-point, 20-rebound performance in the In Season Tournament Finals gave fans even more of a case study on what he could do if he embraced being the main option. But, Anthony Davis does indeed have an effect on the basketball court that isn’t often measured by stats that isn’t spoken about in his level of play as Rivers speaks about in his comments. His defensive impact as an anchor for the Lakers is immense, contesting shots and often picking up skilled guards and wings on switches.

Davis is similar to Pippen in that fashion, as the Bulls great could score and was capable of putting up big numbers but his defense of the team’s best guard and wing players assisted Chicago in their immense success. He played his role perfectly and complimented Michael Jordan, who was the focal point of the Bull’s offensive attack.  Maybe Rivers is right and that is the best role for Anthony Davis and the Lakers. And, if this is indeed his true role, fan expectations should reflect that fact.

The Lakers play the Timberwolves at 8 PM EST.