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Discovering the entrance to the mysterious pyramid in the holy city of Abydos

The entrance of the tomb is a dome and surrounded by high and thick walls. Archaeologists guessed that this was the entrance to a pyramid about 7 meters high.

Under the dome, archaeologists found an exquisitely crafted sandstone coffin, painted red.

Discovering the entrance to the mysterious pyramid in the holy city of AbydosThe tomb in the holy land of Abydos gradually opens to the door of a mysterious pyramid still hidden under layers of rock and soil. (Photo: Kevin Cahail)

On the coffin were engraved the name Horemheb, several images of Egyptian gods and hieroglyphs from the Book of the Dead for those who passed to the afterlife.

Archaeologists did not find a mummy in the coffin. They believe that this tomb was previously dug up. However, they also found around the fragmented skeletons of 3-4 men, 10-12 women and at least two children.

Kevin Cahail – PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania, also the leader of the excavation team, said that this may be a “family” tomb dating back 3,300 years, including the remains of many generations, including the remains of of Horemheb’s daughters, mothers, and many wives.

Archaeologists believe that this family must have been of great stature, or involved in the military, to build such a tomb.

More importantly, archaeologists also found a heart-shaped amulet made of red and blue stones. It is possible that this heart-shaped amulet is related to magic from the Book of the Dead with the Egyptian concept of truth and justice, called Ma’at.

Cahail also added that this is considered all that remains of the pyramid, especially the entrance to the tomb with very thick walls. Other parts of the pyramid may no longer exist or have not been found.

Everything discovered will be subjected to radioactive carbon testing to solve the mystery of this tomb.

According to Vietnamnet, Livescience