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Jimmy Butler: From an ‘Ugly’ Boy Kicked Out of His Home to Becoming the World’s Top NBA Star ‎

It hurts my heart to see you, because of my lack of thought, because of your father’s impulsiveness, we ruined your life. This is a joke used to ridicule others of being ugly.

But can you imagine a mother saying this to her son righteously? After saying this, the mother also kicked her 13-year-old son out of the house because of his unsatisfactory appearance, which is exactly the childhood shadow that happened to NBA star Jimmy Butler.

With 41 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and 3 blocks, the Heat just defeated the Bucks, the team of champions, in the Eastern Conference finals. In the first game of the Eastern Conference finals, Jimmy Butler once again detonated Miami. In the third quarter, Butler led the team to set off a counter-offensive and reversed the Celtics with a big score in the first round. How bad are Butler’s data? In NBA history, since 1974, when the steals and blocks were counted, Butler is the first player in history to play such an offensive and defensive performance in a single playoff game.

For such a Heat team, I think he is more valuable than the Big Three Heat of James, Wade and Bosh. In just two years, Butler has tied most of the records of James and Wei in the history of the Heat team. However, Butler has always been underestimated. Since 2019, he has been an All-Star backup. An important point is that Butler is similar to Iverson. He is a very unruly person, and is even regarded by many fans as the NBA. “cancer”.

1. He looks “ugly” and is not welcome He has a happy family, a young, beautiful, and intelligent-looking mother.

However, this is not his biological mother, just like what happened in the movie “Weakness”, he was born to be excluded and then taken in by a hot mother. Butler has never seen his biological father since he was a child, because since he was born, he was abandoned by his biological father. Similar to most illegitimate children in the United States, the carnival of irresponsible men and women ruined a new life. life.

His biological mother was idle and often brought different men home. Butler had to rely on himself for food and clothing since he was a child. From elementary school to middle school, in order not to be bullied, Butler insisted on keeping fit every day, which has also become his life-changing capital.

When he was a child, Butler was very sociable, showed loyalty, and bought people’s hearts. He often stayed at his classmates or friends’ houses. He had many brothers in the community, but he was not a younger brother, because he did not have the strength to be arrogant. It wasn’t until middle school that he met freshman Jordan Leslie, who became Butler’s good brother and brought him home for meals and lodging.

I haven’t seen Butler for a few days, and my mother Ronda won’t look for him. Once Butler came home after a game, his emotionally disturbed mother swept him out of the door and left a sentence when he closed the door: “I don’t like the way you look. , you go.” 2. After the reality version of “Weakness” learned about Butler’s experience, Jordan’s mother Michelle took in Butler and went through the adoption procedures, so Michelle became Butler’s legal guardian .

It is worth mentioning that there are 7 children in Michelle’s family, all of them are tall and tall, and several of them have embarked on the road of sports, which makes the outside world speculate that Michelle is using the athletic talents of these black people, and The plot in “Weakness” is exactly the same. Butler disputed that claim, saying on ESPN’s show: “They didn’t accept me into their family because of basketball… She’s just very loving, and I can’t believe she can accept me.”

Although not as fat as Michael in “Weakness”, Butler looks fierce, like a gangster in the community, and is often the focus of patrolling police. Butler also specially emphasized to ESPN reporters: Please, I know how you will write, please don’t write me so pitifully, I hate this kind of sympathy, there is nothing to be sad about, I even appreciate this experience, it’s their achievements me.

Still, Butler didn’t hate his parents. After he became famous, he met his father and he was in constant contact with his biological parents, saying: “I don’t hold a grudge, I still talk to my family, we love each other, That’s never going to change.” Butler didn’t get a recruiting notice after graduating because the middle school wasn’t an elite school. Like Butler’s pre-draft NBA GM report, the GM said, “His story is one of the best I’ve seen in basketball, and he’s doomed to fail a lot in his life. times. But each time, he overcame huge obstacles and this kid is great.”

3. He’s ugly, but he’s very gentle, and he’s not too prosperous. He also stole a teammate’s woman. In 2006, Butler entered a junior college in Texas until he was admitted to Marquette University in 2008. Notice that it is very difficult for black people at the bottom of the United States to get rich through sports, and the situation like Kobe Bryant directly entering the NBA will not happen again. During his college years, Butler participated in the NCAA tournament five times, and his performance was very good, but he was not a star-level college player.

He was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the 30th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft. The experience of being abandoned as a child made Butler very cautious, and so was his life, so he kept his private life very secret, but this could not escape the paparazzi in Los Angeles. Girlfriend No. 1: Miley Cyrus

In 2013, Butler attended the summer party of the well-known singer Miley Cyrus. After the party, the two became confidants and often dated. Cyrus also went to the scene to cheer for Butler.

Cyrus is also a playboy, and he dares to play. At the end of 2021, Kardashian just dated her little boyfriend Peterson, and Cyrus publicly teased Pete on the show, causing Kardashian to tear up with Cyrus directly. …you must know that in the NBA, where Kardashian floats, but the armor does not stay…

Girlfriend No. 2: Insurer In 2015, Butler signed with the Bulls for $95 million for 5 years and became a star player. Butler, who had shot guns for guns, quickly replaced himself with a luxury car. During the car purchase process, he became a date with Charmaine, who sold insurance. object.

Girlfriend No. 3: American model Shay Mitchell Shay Mitchell became famous with the well-known American drama “Pretty Little Liars”. In the play, she is an athlete with all kinds of style and a hot school. Mistress.

The two dated on and off for two months, and it was clear that Butler couldn’t handle the supermodel. No. 4 girlfriend Kavachin’s friend’s wife can’t be bullied, but he’s just my teammate, not a friend…

In 2018, the Timberwolves offered a four-year, $110 million contract extension. Butler insisted on leaving. In addition to career planning, there were actually internal conflicts. According to reports, Butler had an extramarital affair with Anthony Towns’ then-girlfriend Kavachin. Both of them were the fastest-improving players of the Wolves, and the executives had no choice but to choose one.

Downs’ girlfriend KawahineAndrade is a post-95s model. No matter her figure or appearance, she is a super celebrity in Hollywood. It is not difficult for her to step on two boats in the NBA. In America, there are many stars of open marriages, and so is Butler.

In 2018, Butler also had a relationship with Rachel, the female host of NBA2K. Rachel was born in 1990. She is also a TV personality. Clutches, like Kevin Durant. Girlfriend Rachel No. 5: Rivals with Durant

Durant is a straight man who doesn’t understand style. In addition to confessing to Scarlett Johansson from the air, he also looked at Rachel’s bathtub.

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No. 6 girlfriend Caitlin Novak In 2019, after signing with the Miami Heat, Butler was happily looking for a date with his girlfriend, and his girlfriend Caitlin also told him good news, you are going to be a father.